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LINCE, one of our favorite musician and Djs now, based in Berlin, made a remix of our last single Cocktailständer for the “BPM JAPAN Charity Album Vol.1″. Here an interview to know more about LINCE’s world…

How did you get in touch with JT? How did the idea of doing a remix come?
I first knew about Jeans Team in 2006. I listened to their LP “Musik von Oben”. I found them very cool and sophisticated. We had common friends and I met them in 2007, when they went to Madrid to play in one of the “Vuélvete Underground” parties, but I began to know them more when I started to go to Berlin for some short-visit trips. When I knew they where going to release new tracks, I asked them if they could be interested in having some remixes. I love the concept of remixing and I really wanted to try to do something with one of their songs.

Tell us about your music, when did you start making it and why? what was the inicial event?
I started to learn in 2003, when I was 20 and had gone back to Madrid after living in the UK for almost a year. I remember watching Laurie Anderson live in Edinburgh, performing “Happiness” in the Spring of 2003. That show really impacted me. I was amazed to see her creating such an intense atmosphere alone, only playing her devices and talking. I think I always wanted to do something artistic, especially related to music, but I first thought then that I could try to do something beautiful by myself, using electronic devices and without the obligation of having to form a band. A few weeks later I went to Sónar and saw Tujiko Noriko live, playing with almost only a laptop. It was something new for me and it fascinated me as well, how could someone develop all those sounds and layers using a single machine. Nowadays laptops are everywhere and the fascination is less, but if I think a little bit about it, it still fascinates me in a way. From that moment I wanted to have my own laptop and do my music, and began to save money to buy one.

LINCE is a solo project, isn’t it? what kind of sounds and instruments are you interested in and use?
Yes, LINCE is a solo project. My first musical works have been ambient, electro-acoustique pieces. I think I will always continue doing that kind of stuff, but now I´m also interested in producing dance music. I was always interested on dance music, but not still as a producer. Laptop is the basic tool for my work, but I also incorporate other sounds from external instruments, like electric guitar or piano, record voices or introduce elements taken from field recordings.

What about the process, how is compositing and recording?
I think I spend a long time imagining, thinking about the concepts of the releases and the things I would like to express. Later I just start to work until I have something I like. After working hard beautiful things come normally out.

And how do you imagine the ideal situation to listen to your music?
The first CD, “GOLPE DE LUZ”, was expected to be an ambient album, with whom the listener could have an introspective experience. The next work I have on mind should be something more rhythmical, sensual and hedonistic.

Which releases do you have until now? And for the future, what is to come?
I self released my first LP, GOLPE DE LUZ. Two late singles from tracks of GOLPE DE LUZ are almost ready. I have also plenty of strange pieces, experimental cuts which- with the time- took form to be some kind of EP release. I´m working also on a couple of dance tracks, which I´d like to become my first club music single. My plan is to release the singles and the EP this year, while I work on the next album.

As we see, your project has a strong relation with aesthetics, how important is this? And why is that so?
I love when musicians surround their work with beautiful art-work. I consider that a vey important part of the proposal, as it can have a strong message. The main question is if the music is good or not, but when it is, and the art-work surrounding the music is also good, the artistic piece becomes something better, more magical and fascinating. Since I was very young, I loved when the albums had beautiful covers and booklets. That made me admire more the artist and enjoy more his work. I love how the movie stars from the golden Hollywood years could look so great on the pictures and promo-photographs. There was some kind of concept of unreachable beauty, admired, idealized from the distance, and that made them so desired and ideal. When there´s mistery and charm (in the different ways it can be conceived) it´s easier for me to get into something and to be able to dream. I think that´s why I´m interested in a beautiful and thrilling image. I think that can help to make things more interesting and exciting.

Can you mention some influences in your personal approaching to the art, music or life in general?
I have always on my mind the models of the artists who have inspired me since very young, but I find often wonderful new people doing great stuff and they influence me as well. I´ve met lots of people who have influenced me, but there´s someone who did really mark me: Cocó Ciëlo. Cocó is and will always be a permanent reference- artistic and personally- for me.

Tell us about your Dj facet, which kind of music you play and what mood do you want to create?
I like DJs who make me dance and have fun, but I like them more when I also have a sophisticated and artistic experience. When I play I have that concept on mind, but after exploring lots of different artists and labels when getting ready for a DJ Set, at the end I just play music I like, tracks that move me.

L::O::V::E:::::::R::O::O::M by LINCE

Born in the eighties in Madrid, Spain, and based since 2009 in Berlin, LINCE´s work has been mainly focused on electronic music, as a composer and also as a DJ, though other disciplines and resources also play an important role in his proposal.

Just after graduating in the summer of 2009, LINCE moved to Berlin to develop his art projects. His first LP, “GOLPE DE LUZ”- a collection of slow, intimate and nostalgic songs recorded between 2007 and 2009-, would be released in autumn 2009. Since then, he made a collaboration with the US experimental artist Zan Hoffman [The Twists And Turns Of The Loved And d C - ZH27, 2010] and started to explored new territories- conceptual and formally- for a new LP, while never stopping working as DJ on a sophisticated, avant-garde, uptempo club sound, with whom he takes his love for dance music and most hedonistic side out.

LINCE has given live and DJ shows at places like the mythical club OUI in Madrid- where he was one of the resident DJs between 2007 and 2010-, Stardust (Madrid), Cuántica Festival (Granada, ES), Monkey Town (New York, USA), the Alpha-Ville Festival (London, UK) , and Monster Ronson´s, Stattbad Wedding, M.I.K.Z. or the Temporäre Kunsthalle in Berlin.

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