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BLOG> REWORK Interview

BLOG> REWORK Interview

What are you doing theese days? Are you working on a new album?
At the moment we have to leave our new studio where we moved in 2 month ago, in the same place where the rocker33 club is located… thanks stuttgart. We are still working on a new album planned for next year.

When can we hear the new single? Will there also be a vinyl? Would you at all be o.k. with a pure digital release?
Not before next year and we are still not sure about a digital release, maybe we will start a own label called “love yeah”. So more infos about this soon.

Is there any remarkable change in your music-style?
It should sound sexy and robotic as always.

Are you still organizing parties/concerts in Stuttgart or elsewhere?
From time to time theres is a chelsea girls party in temporary locations in stuttgart as well as several rework dj gigs. In February next year we are playing at the meant label night at “showcase” paris.

What are you listening to theese days?
Daniel likes to listen to Bob Dylans theme time radio hour and everything from sushitech and pampa. Michel is listening to everything and Sascha is listening to Wham!

Have you ever been wearing bomber jackets??
The last time i saw Sascha she was wearing a fur. Theres a photograph of Daniel in a blue bomber jacket waistcoat with outstreched tongue and Michel wants one for christmas.

So maybe we are santa this time…
Thanks for the interview!

Interview by Jeans Team. Dec. 2012

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By Jeans Team, December 18, 2011 | No Comments
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