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ALKOMERZ is here!!!

ALKOMERZ is here!!!

ALKOMERZ is the new home of JEANS TEAM, their friends and partners. Here we will provide regular news and activity updates directly from us!

ALKOMERZ is the first place to look for our upcoming releases, tourdates, news, videoclips and parties… It brings together all our previous JEANS TEAM related websites – and adds new features like a blog, a download-center and a mailorder. Fans can browse the whole JEANS TEAM back catalogue, which will be available for downloading internationally. We want to avoid any territorial restrictions!!!

ALKOMERZ is also the name of our new record company, which will release its first 12″ Maxi single on the 15th of November, 2010.

We wanted to zoom out and expand our online space to accomodate all our different activities and interests. We also wanted to create a new interface that will hopefully support other artists and create a new online community. With this in mind, we are calling it our “motherbubble”. We hope this will come to mean a lot of different things to many different people!

With all this change, one thing still remains the same – we only go out on Mondays!

By Jeans Team, October 8, 2010 | 6 Comments
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6 Responses to “ALKOMERZ is here!!!”

  1. Eigelbs says:

    We all wait for a long time! But now we all have a new home! Kisses and PROST!

    S E P EI EI EI

  2. [...] heute geht das neuste Werk von meinen Lieblingsberlinern online. Alkomerz! Das neue zu Hause von Jeans Team. Das wird groß werden, also immer ein Auge drauf haben! Alles was diese Menschen tun ist Gold!! [...]

  3. Why Alex Why says:

    Yé. Cozy new home!

  4. The Blonde Secretary says:

    Thanks to all for your support. Greetings from the ALKOMERZ Zentrale. Uuhhhhh!

  5. hykle jackson says:

    A smooth operator!

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