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Jeans Team is an electronic band based in Berlin, Germany, that has been creating music since 1995. Their unique sound combines elements of dance music with complex pop-structures, using few (mostly German) lyrics. The band became popular with hits such as: “Keine Melodien”, “Baby 3″, “Oh Bauer” and “Das Zelt”.

Jeans Team’s two founding members, Franz Schütte and Reimo Herfort, were also co-founders of the galerie berlintokio – one of Berlin’s most magnetic and stimulating underground clubs in the late 90s. The venue gave rise to the band’s first rehearsals, live performances, and recordings. It is where they met Henning Watkinson and Gunther Kreis and produced their punk singles, “Hi Fans” and “Ein Atom”, which were released on their own label, Nadel Eins, in 1998.

The Jeans Team boys named themselves after an abandoned neon sign that was left over from the 70s and that they found hanging in front of an old fashion shop in Berlin Wedding. They liked the idea of filling up the abandoned logo with new content – a concept that they compare to a crab moving into a new shell. The original neon sign often accompanies Jeans Team on stage. It blinks the night away and creates a colorful light show that intensifies the energetic electronic atmosphere.

In 2000, Jeans Team released their first album “Ding Dong” which became a milestone for lowfi electronic music lovers. The mini album “Gold und Silber” and  2  long players followed in 2004 and 2006 called “Musik von Oben” and “Kopf Auf”, acompanied by various single releases (see discography below). Their records got released on several labels such as Kitty-Yo, Pluxemburg, V2, Universal, Louisville, Shanshui and finally on their own new label called ALKOMERZ. More information about what is ALKOMERZ here.

Jeans Team have become a strong force within the young electronic music scene.Their unconventional style has set new standards that have influenced bands all over the world.

When the Team is not touring around Asia, Europe, Russia, the US, or Canada with their extremely energetic two-men set, they spend their time at “Nadel Eins Studio Berlin” in Wedding. The studio has more or less become their home – a place that they built up on their own and that functions as a recording, production and the all-around Jeans Team/ALKOMERZ headquarters.


LPs / EPs
“ALLBUMS!”, CD (Shanshui 2009)
“KOPF AUF”, LP/CD (Louisville/Universal, 2006) . Listen
“MUSIK VON OBEN”, LP/ CD (Louisville/Universal, 2005) . Listen
“GOLD UND SILBER” EP, 12“/ CDM (Kitty-Yo, 2002) . Listen
“DING DONG”, LP/CD (Kitty-Yo, 2000) . Listen

“KOPF AUF”, CDM (Louisville/Universal, 2007).
“DAS ZELT”, 7“ (Louisville/Universal, 2006) .
“OH BAUER”, 12“/ CDM (Louisville/Universal, 2005) . Listen
“BERLIN AM MEER”, 12“/ CDM (Louisville/Universal, 2004) . Listen
“KEINE MELODIEN”, 12“/ CDM (Kitty-Yo/ V2, 2001) .
“KEINE MELODIEN”, 12“/ CDM (Kitty-Yo, 2000).
“EIN ATOM”, 7“ Single (Nadel Eins, 1998). Listen
“HI FANS!”, 7“ Single (Nadel Eins, 1998). Listen

>Last release:


Mathias Schwarz at Powerline Agency
Kastanienallee 29/30, 10435 Berlin, Germany
Phone: +49.30.44358026 / Fax: + 49.30.44358031

>Booking Asia:
Philipp Grefer at FAKE (music/media)
Yongkang Hutong
Guanshuyuan 13-2-602, Beijing
+86-135-5244-3145 (CN)/+49-179-7048858 (GER)



Blackout Musique 2010 -12/2010 – “TOTES KINO / COCKTAILSTÄNDER” Review (French article).  Read the full article here.

Impose Magazine, 01/08 – Jeans Team playing at Glasslands, Brooklin, New York, cool live pics!
“…Jeans Team delivered peppy electronic beats with a side of dark humour and existential gravitas as only a berlin band could…Franz Schütte and Reimo Herfort carried enough charisma to transform an electronic duo’s live show from a DJ set into a party…well-timed live drumming and synths building songs to the heart-gripping crescendos that are the hallmark of a good techno show- the beat hits its stride and everyone gets cra zy…At the end of the show, everyone was covered in sweat and hardly anyone was smiling; it’s an exhausting life or death task to prove you party the hardest…”
 by Jamie Peck. Read the full article here.

Montreal Mirror Music, 01/08 – interview with Franz Schütte on Jeans Team
“…Jeans Team have proven themselves one of the most interesting and durable products of the late-’90s creative boom in Berlin…”. Read the full article here.

Critics Choice, 01/08 – Jeans Team in San Francisco
“…Jeans Team good-naturedly resists the trend by crafting an image of playfulness and unabashed humanity…”. Read the full article here.

Spotlight, 01/08 – Jeans Team in New York
“Electronic Synth-pop is back with a vengeance. Berlin based quartet the Jeans Team are bringing dance part y must-have tracks to Brooklin…”. Read the full article here.

Avant/Chicago 01/08 – Jeans Team in Chicago
“…What a high energy show these 2 put on. And even through the lyrics were in German, there was no problem in getting a large portion of the crowd woken up…”. Read the full article here.

Voir Canada, 01/08 – Jeans Team in Montreal, french article. Read the full article here.

Toronto 2007 – Hot Pants
“…a high energy blast of electronic mayhem (think Holy Fuck goes disco) featuring multiple keytars and a vocalist who literally launched himself into the audience…”. Read the full article here.

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